Collaborative Housing is a new model for urban development combining private and shared residential spaces with vibrant commercial spaces. A car-free lifestyle is made possible by proximity to amenities, public transit and car-sharing systems.

Collaborative Housing is not a cookie-cutter housing product,

it is a comprehensive lifestyle platform for the modern era.

Reinventing home for an urban lifestyle.


Our time is too precious to waste it sitting in traffic. Our homes will be located in vibrant urban areas with cafes, stores and amenities nearby so residents can live car-free, hassle-free lifestyles.


Rather than isolated, anonymous condos, our buildings are designed with dynamic shared spaces that foster connection. Shared resources like cars and power tools enable access without the headaches of ownership.


With spared workshop and studio space, Collaborative Housing is uniquely suited for makers, artists, designers and musicians. Let the creative collisions begin!  


We believe in the power of serendipity. Far from a homogenous “bedroom community,” our mixed-use  developments embrace the full range of urban activity – a place to live, work, play, eat and shop.

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Key Features:

Net Positive Building.

It goes without saying that we all want to contribute to a positive future. That’s why our buildings will be created as Net Positive contributors – they will create more green energy than they consume. They will implement advanced living systems that not only tread lightly on the planet, but save us all money in the process.

Private Apartments.

Your living space will be a self-contained unit, including a full bathroom and kitchenette. Our private spaces are designed to make ideal use of a smaller footprint, leaving more space in the building for amazing shared spaces and resources.

Common Space & More.

Potential common spaces include a commercial-quality kitchen opening into a well-appointed  living room, a maker workshop, art and music studio space and coworking office. Since the cost of common rooms and resources are split among all residents, residents gain a larger livable area at a fraction of the cost, while increasing social connection.


A Walkable Neighborhood.

Being able to walk to restaurants, coffeeshops, live music and friends houses makes for an incredible quality of life. Our developments will be situated in vibrant urban centers so you can easily live without the expensive hassles of owning a car.

Smart Sharing.

Apps and platforms for sharing tools, stuff, space and skills are integrated into the building program. These “sharing economy” services make it possible for residents to use resources with maximum efficiency while building collaborative relationships. Some examples may include RelayRides, NeighborGoods, TaskRabbit, AirBnB and SkillShare.

Lifestyle Logistics, Simplified.

Since structures drive behavior, we are designing our buildings as a lifestyle platform that makes it easy to live without a owning car, connect with your friends and be creative in a way that is affordable not just in terms of rent, but lowers other expenses like car payments, housewares, food and utilities.